- Time Tracking and budget monitoring across external systems

by Sense4code s.r.o.

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MANDAY introduces a new way of tracking time, while offering easy project budget monitoring.

Basic Description
Time reporting and budget monitoring efficiently. connects all external systems into one.

Key benefits
  1. You can find all your projects from external systems on the Timesheets tab. Clear view for grouping and filtering.
  2. All users have access to monthly reports on the recorded hours. Thus, they can choose the exact time period they wish to view. The same functionality is also available within integrated plug-ins in existing systems, such as JIRA, Azure DevOps, Trello.

  3. Using the assistance of integrated native plug-ins, you can easily report the completed work in an external system without having to open an additional one. All hours are stored in MANDAY, making them also available on the web interface of the application.

Get started with MANDAY and save time with administrative tasks that you can manage effectively
  • Time Tracing in Azure DevOps and Jira
  • Standardized REST API
  • Reports in one place

Imagine that you want to connect two worlds - JIRA and Azure Devops. The project manager wants to see the status of projects across systems while keeping everything in one place, clearly and efficiently.

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