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Want to dramatically streamline the expense function of your business with a smarter solution?

Zeno is smarter expense management. CFOs want peace of mind that their expenses are under control and transparent while making it simple for the rest of the business to comply. Zeno Expense makes it easy to capture and process line item expenses on-the-spot, while delivering superior insights and governance for CFOs. Perfect for businesses with 50 – 1000+ employees.

  • 75% reduction in processing time for expense claims vs a manual process
  • US $1b is lost by organizations each year in expense claim fraud
  • 90% of all corporate credit card expend is on travel-related expenses 

Arm your finance team with intelligent technology

Zeno Expense automates and dramatically streamlines the expense and administration function, identifying out of policy claims, and preventing expense claim fraud.
Automated reconciliation

Corporate card transactions are pulled in from your nominated bank or financial institution and matched automatically with the correct receipt, so reconciliation becomes an always-on process that's done in minutes.

‘Always on’ expense management
Say goodbye to the monthly expense claim grind. Employees capture receipts via the mobile app, or email receipts directly to Zeno, add a description or cost centre if needed, and submit for approval there and then.
Artificial intelligence for receipt processing
From a captured image of a receipt, Zeno's optical character recognition extracts key data including date, vendor, amount and tax information and automatically creates and populates an expense item for the user.   

What is the cost of poor process?

Manual expense processes cost on average $58 per employee per report and incur a 7% overspend compared to automated expense solutions. We play nicely with your other systems – Zeno integrates with most corporate credit card providers and can ingest or share data with your HR, ERP, Accounting or Finance Management System to reduce manual workflows and improve data integrity.
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