Servicenow Telecommunications Service Operations Management TSOM

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Telecommunications Service Operations Management TSOM

Expedite remediation and keep services running

Telecommunications Service Operations Management

The Challenge

Communications services run on network and cloud infrastructure with diverse technologies and often hundreds of thousands of devices. These mission-critical services help companies differentiate their offers, enable their value chains and strategies, and most importantly, safeguard their reputations and brands.
It’s critical that communications service providers (CSPs) get service management and assurance right. This goes beyond offering SLAs. It means proactively monitoring service health and resolving issues before the customer notices.
This is difficult to do when you have operational silos and use disparate monitoring tools. A single issue can create thousands of events, leaving operations drowning in disconnected, redundant data with little or no insights on service impacts. When operations finally gets to the bottom of a service issue, there’s no easy, automated way to remediate it. The result? Lengthy service outages resulting in SLA breaches, growing costs, and lower NPS and CSAT.

The ServiceNow solution

ServiceNow helps CSPs delight customers by proactively monitoring service health across domains and resolving issues before they notice a problem.
Telecommunications Service Operations Management integrates with existing monitoring tools to simplify operations and provides an end-to-end service view across technology domains. It uses the power of Predictive AIOps and machine learning to intelligently analyze network event data for anomalies, empowering the Service Operations team to identify and resolve issues before the customer notices. The ServiceNow platform’s automated workflows bring together the front and back office staff on a common plan of action for fast responses to issues that lead to higher NPS and CSAT.
The product simplifies operations by seamlessly integrating with the existing network and cloud monitoring tools using the TM Forum Alarm Management API. It automates the collection/streaming, correlation, and analysis of vast network event data across disparate domains to provide front and back office teams with a single end-to-end service health view.
A real-time dashboard makes it easy to proactively monitor service health in complex environments. Service operations can quickly scan key metrics, view how services are mapped to resources, and understand how network issues impact services. Intelligent, adaptive correlation with Predictive AIOps and ML tools, a tsunami of network event data is turned into a trickle of actionable alerts to reduce event noise by up to 99%.
Telecommunications Service Operations Management helps resolve service issues quickly to increase NPS and CSAT, safeguard SLAs and drive down MTTR.Remediation tasks are automatically triggered when alerts meet pre-defined criteria. With the ServiceNow platform, a CSP can automate and optimize workflows across service and network operations, field services and customer care to deliver a seamless and responsive customer experience.

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