Facial Recognition and Visitor Management _shephertz

by ShepHertz Technologies

Facial Recognition and Visitor Management _shephertz

Intuitive Self-service kiosk is one way to reduce queues at reception desks – Easy registration and face image is captured.

Saves Time – Repeat visitors are automatically detected, and entry pass is generated without having to fill all the details again and again.

Notifications to Hosts – Automatic SMS/Email notifications to hosts announcing the visitor is here to meet you.

Restrictive Access to visitor – Visitor can only visit the permitted floor any out of bound detour sends notification to security guards.

Rich & Real-time Analytics –

  • Visitors count day wise – Total number of visitors visited on the specific dates.
  • Visit count – Number of times each visitor visited.
  • Visitors Overstayed – Details of visitors who stayed after the expected time out.
  • Visitors Overstaying – Details of visitors who are staying after the expected time out.
  • Appointments List.
  • Appointments Missed.

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