Smart Building IoT Integration

by Sigtree Technologies

Smart IoT Platform focused on automation and trigger management

We combine IoT Devices with professional communities as we automate processes for Facility Management, through triggered routines and chatbots that share information and execute commands in human controlled chat-rooms Technology and Problem: Buildings are usually inefficient and consume a lot of energy while managing them is difficult as operational staff is scattered and not aligned with the decision-making process. We solve this by bringing devices and humans together in chatrooms focused on subjects of interest while we create a continuous feedback channel with the end users. Current automation platforms (addressing a market of billions of dollars) do not address this very important side of the business, the actual devices, and the way they interact with the human users. We've made a technology agnostic platform that considers IoT devices virtual objects with variable properties which makes technology agnostic and powerful trigger management engine that can execute complex routines in real time. To complete the circle, we've created a chatrooms system for groups and communities based on common subjects of interest while devices in the form of chatbots . Physical IoT world joins the digital world in the most natural human interaction: chatting to solve the high operational costs of managing facilities large or small.

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