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Automate work processes where unstructured, free-text documents play a role.

Documents are a critical part of everyday business communication. Our Document Processing Solution harnesses the power of AI to streamline document handling, making it more efficient, and faster than ever before. Available with multiple language support from English, Hindi, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Arabic, and more.

Using AI, the Document Processing Solution businesses can read and interpret document text & classifies documents. Extract relevant data & identify customer intentions. Request missing information from stakeholders and update information and archive documents in external systems.

In-depth processing with Page-wise Classification
Our Document Processing Solution can classify and process each individual page inside a document containing multiple pages. Businesses can interpret text in pages having different formats with a single solution. It also helps in splitting a document into individual pages while extracting information. The solution merges pages of the same type and send them to the action flow to carry out various business decisions based on diversity in page types.

Simplifai Document Processing Solution identifies key data & phrases, classify documents, extract information, forward to stakeholders, and keep back-end systems updated. Our solution is compliant with data security practices such as GDPR & ISO to protect customer data. It can read, interpret, & analyze complex, unstructured data or free-text communication. It can also process different document types, such as Microsoft Word, PDF, text, and more, from email attachments, uploads, folders and archives.

The Document Processing Solution works in any setting where Document volumes are high and/or documents have similarities in content. It easily integrates into commonly used archiving systems (i.e., SharePoint) or email servers and can be configured to call any external API to perform actions.

The Document Processing Solution is part of the larger Simplifai AI Platform allowing companies to easily administrate a portfolio of automation solutions.

About Simplifai
Simplifai AS is a Norwegian ISV, headquartered in Oslo, Norway with subsidiaries in Ukraine, Netherlands, Sweden, and India. The company develops solutions to automate business processes with high volumes of natural language communication.

Simplifai's approach to automating business processes through off-the-shelf, easily configurable products reduce both risks and investments normally associated with AI driven automation projects.

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