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AI-platform to boost your content marketing & increase revenues.

Competition between brands to win attention is fiercer than ever. Audiences are increasingly overwhelmed by pushed digital promotions. As a result, savvy consumers use ad blockers (+30% of all internet users) and fast-forward through TV ads (up to 80% of viewers) to avoid the flood of advertising.

So how do you continue to reach your target audiences? And how do you know what’s selling and what isn’t? That is where comes in. is a successful AdTech & ecommerce company with clients around the world. Using Machine learning, makes any visual content (pictures and videos) enriched, interactive, and shoppable in a multi-screen environment. The functionality is applicable on any platform and any device.

Within the interactivity, the below services are available:

(1) Make pictures & videos interactive one time for all of your platforms.

(2) Have your content interactive on your own website(s), any third party website, the main video and social media platforms, TV and OTT devices, paper magazines and billboards & iOS and Android apps.

(3) Outsource the work to make your content interactive with our PaaS offering

The technology serves Brands, Publishers, OTT platforms and content rights owners whose existing revenue streams & engagement rates are boosted thanks to the technology. enables for pull marketing as well as product placement within any type of digital content. So, pictures and videos are no longer a dead-end but the beginning for an entire new journey where they can convert and monetize their audience. will be your favorite tool to uplift your content marketing strategy without heavy investments and measurable results over multiple platforms.

Our tech has proven the below results:

(i) Higher audience engagement rates (at least 2x)

(ii) Interaction with technology (at least 60%)

(iii) Click Through Rates up to 15%

(iv) Measurable Increase of revenues & ROI

The results of this interactive content are displayed in dashboards, providing a full overview of the performance of your assets.

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