Talview Behavioral Insights

by Talview

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Hire the best fit for your enterprise by understanding your candidate's behavior with TBI.

Hire the best fit for your enterprise by understanding your candidate's behavior with TBI. Get accurate, reduced-biased and automated candidate reports, for an in-depth and fake-resistant view of every candidate. Features: - Fewer Hiring Steps: The TBI report can be generated directly from a video interview, eliminating the need for your candidates to take an additional personality or online behavioral assessment. Reports are auto-calibrated right after the candidate finishes the video interview with the help of competency mapping, ensuring you get an accurate picture of every candidate in the quickest time possible. - Fake-Resistant Insights: Knowing socially accepted answers help candidates fake MCQ-based psychometric tests, reducing the accuracy of their behavioral analysis. The TBI engine analyses the subtext of a candidate’s video or written responses to the interview questions which cannot be easily faked by candidates. These questions need not directly align with the competency being measured but still do the job. - Auto-Calibrating Capabilities: Tired of static assessment reports? TBI has various competencies embedded in it which enables auto-calibration of reports to suit your specific competency requirements and even specific teams within your organization. Just select your essential and desirable competencies and Talview does the rest! It's easy to see whether a candidate’s behavioral profile matches your organization's DNA or the skills for a specific role. - Stack Ranking Candidates: TBI reports are better than traditional lengthy assessment reports as they rank candidates on the basis of their performance. TBI stack ranks candidates according to their performance in the assessment with regards to the competencies predetermined by the enterprise, ranging from 'essential' to 'good' and then 'critical'.

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