Automated PBX Assessment and Migration for Microsoft Teams

by Tata Communications

Saas Automated PBX Assessment and Migration for Microsoft Teams

Tata Communications offers you an automated service to assess and migrate your PBX to the cloud. Our service comprises of the following -

PBX Assessment - This contains a Report in an Aggregated View which will help you to:
1. Analyzes your PBX Lines Statistics,
2. Feature Parity & Device Inventory between legacy to target.
3. Also is done Remotely for all Users/Sites
4. Generated in hours.

PBX Analyzer -
1. Detailed analysis view to source PBX data configuration,
2. Enables visibility to call flows, vectors and extension level configuration

Planner - Detailed Planning of the migration process, applying source PBX configuration, customer data and target PBX capabilities

Migration -
1. Validate, Provision and Migrate the new configuration to target Cloud PBX
2. Updating legacy PBX while ‘Side by Side’ co-exist is required

Reach out to us to schedule your assessment.

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