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Allows you to View, Create, Search & Print organisation charts from Office 365 & SharePoint Online.

TeamOrgChart allows you to View, Create, Search and Print organisation charts from Office 365 or Microsoft Azure.

It Integrates into Microsoft 365, providing single sign-on for the staff within your organization.

Create org charts from Excel, from SharePoint lists, from a database, straight from your directory or even enter them by hand.

  • Create interactive organisation charts
  • Integrates with Microsoft Azure
  • Integrates with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online
  • Embed your chart in a SharePoint page
  • Conditional formatting to highlight roles
  • Print your chart to PDF
  • Search and navigate the chart
  • Staff Directory and Map view of your organisation

TeamOrgChart is a subscription solution provided by TeamImprover.Com Ltd based in the United Kingdom.

We provide a 30 day trial period to allow you to evaluate the product to ensure it meets your requirements. 

For more information please visit us at

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