by Cameramatics

Telematicus Schack for Azure that optimises loss ratio and improves driver safety for insurers.

Schack is a cloud based system for handling big data telemetry on a global scale. The system supports soft devices on Smartphones, dedicated telematics devices including Dashcam and 3rd party gateways (HERE - Road Speed, Fuel, Parking Data).

Raw data is analysed as it is streamed into the system. Artificial Intelligence based on Machine Learning is used to assess analysed data, identify abnormal or unacceptable behaviour and raise alarms and events.

Secure user interfaces (Reina, Turris, Optio) allow users to view information and reports including powerful business insights (Power BI). Users can also perform processes where further information can be collected and enhanced. Schack helps you make the right moves with data

Specific Benefits
  • Predict Drivers who are likely to have an accident
  • Predict the potential cost of an accident
  • Device installation management
  • Full suite of API's for Integration
  • Consumer Applications (Driving, Insurance, Safety and Parental)

At a glance