Heart Rate Estimation


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Realtime Heart Rate Estimation

Estimating heart rate of a subject using non-invasive Computer vision techniques

The heart rate of a person is estimated using advanced non-invasive computer vision techniques by iterating over a sequence of frames. It allows us to visually see how the person's heart rate changes dynamically. Non-contact video-based physiological measurement has many applications in health care, in the wake of Covid-19 the significance of virtual doctor consultation has become very common as well as routine check of heart rate is also common amongst the general public, using non-contact video-based heart rate estimation can be very simple and affordable to many.

As our lives are becoming more mechanical to work it is necessary to have a continuous monitoring of heart rate, which provides the insides of the health over a period of time. It's a well known science that heart beats can carry a lot more information about the person than just the beats per minute. Such analysis can help a great deal in diagnosing and treating people with mental health issues including depression and dementia. Aspects related to overall patient care gets easier when combined with emotion analysis as well.

Use Cases:

Remote Heart Rate Monitoring, Fitness Trainings, Medical Conditions etc.,

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