by VAR Unit Wojciech Tubek i Wojciech Turowicz s.c.


DISPLAR is a brand new Augmented Reality platform that will change people's perspective on your business. It is a universal tool designed to provide a better customer experience, and to guide your customers through their decision making process.

DISPLAR can visualise any item in a form of a 3D object at any place you need. Thanks to this app, any product that is not comfortable to be carried around, can now be stored in your pocket. This solution is aimed for B2B and B2B2C as your customers may use it as well. More importantly it is applicable to almost every industry including Retail, Real Estate and Automotive.

DISPLAR is a perfect tool for your customers to familiarize with your inventory better and easier than ever. It enables them to visualize, configure and simulate your products'​ features interactively. It's like having your virtual showcase anywhere it's needed. From now on it's easier for your customers to decide which one of your products is the best fit.

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