CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform)

by Vector Synergy

CDeX i.e. a cyber training system that helps increasing practical skills of Cyber Security Experts.

CDeX (Cyber Defence eXercise Platform) cyber range, is a unique training system which helps increasing practical skills of specialists, administrator and teams responsible for the security of ICT infrastructure in respect of detecting and responding to cyber-attacks. The training takes place in real time and involves a Blue Team (a defensive team) and a Red Team (an offensive team). It involves a Blue Team (a defensive team) and a Red Team (an offensive team) in order to improve their cyber posture and to grow their cyber techniques. CDeX facilitates selecting appropriate pre-defined or customized scenarios, adequate for the envisaged purposes. Reporting is an important element of the entire platform, it is available on the executive and detailed technical level. Reporting style facilitates ensuring adequate feedback to improve both individual and group performance and to create change awareness. It covers record checks and control points for after action evaluation. During the training, the system can be paused for analysis or just for a break and then restarted. It can also be restored to the original condition for trainees’ improvement purposes. For better comprehension, CDeX includes gamification elements, such as competition, achievable challenges and a unique scoring system, which increase involvement and remembrance and facilitate learning. Scoring on the CDeX platform reflects real organisation gains following from the adopted solutions and cyber security levels. Backup and recovery are also standard options of the system. CDeX is a Hybrid solution which allows the decision-makers to choose deployment option from a Cloud application to a on-premise version. Both deployment options are flexible and cost-effective in terms of training scalability.

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