Veritone IDentify

by Veritone, Inc.

Veritone IDentify | For Law Enforcement | Intelligent, Rapid Suspect Identification

Veritone IDentify lets you harness the power of your booking database to identify suspects faster.

  • Establish Suspect Leads in Minutes
  • Aggregate Persons of Interests to Track Across Cases
  • Increase Investigator Efficiency
  • Maintain Officer Safety

Accelerate Your Investigations

Connecting a perpetrator to a crime, even one caught on camera, is no simple task. With high repeat-offender rates, comparing video evidence to existing arrest records is an essential technique for investigators. Veritone IDentify automatically compares your known-offender and person-of-interest records with video and photographic evidence, enabling you to quickly identify potential suspects for further investigation.

Improve Investigative Workflows With AI

Developed specifically for public safety agencies, the cloud-based Veritone IDentify application enables you to rapidly extract actionable insights from video evidence used in investigations. Facial recognition AI engines quickly comb through massive datasets at incredible speed, uncovering potential suspects or persons of interest in less time and with less manpower than alternative, manual practices — thus increasing the speed and efficiency of your investigative workflows.

Get Suspect Leads Faster

  • Compare: Compare perpetrators that appear in video and photographic evidence against your booking database of known offenders systematically to pinpoint potential suspects.
  • Filter: Review matches found in your arrest records as a list and filter results by identifiers from your booking database such as gender, age, height, hair color, eye color, ethnicity and more to pinpoint potential suspects.
  • Aggregate: Detect unknown faces and optionally add them to an existing person-of-interest database for future digital evidence comparison.
  • Collaborate: Share suspect lists — including appearance in evidence, along with booking information including photo, name, last known address and more — with intra- and inter-agency colleagues via email.
  • Consolidate: Consolidate suspect information in a centralized, web-based platform including appearance in evidence, booking photo(s) and data, last known address and more.
  • Organize: Organize evidence by case including case details such as ID, department, officer(s), description, location, time and notes accessible

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