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All-in-one work management solution for Microsoft 365 and Teams.

Trovve is an advanced work management platform, specifically designed to address the key needs of teams striving for enhanced collaboration, efficiency, and productivity in their daily tasks. Fully integrated with Microsoft 365, it offers tailored solutions that align with the objectives of modern, dynamic teams.

  1. Work Day Planner: Engineered to simplify your team's day-to-day scheduling, providing AI-powered task prioritization and efficient meeting management, enabling your team to tackle priorities with clarity and focus.

  2. File Management: The solution for teams overwhelmed by disorganized files. It consolidates all resources across SharePoint/OneDrive into one easily navigable space, enhancing team cooperation and accessibility to crucial documents.

  3. Project Management: Crafted to streamline the complexity of handling multiple team projects. It offers clear visibility, easy monitoring, and synchronizes team efforts for consistent progress and goal alignment.

  4. Task Management: Transform your team's to-do lists into a structured, trackable set of objectives. Facilitating clear task delegation, progress tracking, and collaborative completion, boosting overall team productivity.

  5. Team Management: A comprehensive overview of team activities and enhances task management, ensuring smooth communication and effective performance tracking. This leads to a more connected and productive team environment.

  6. Contact Management: Enhances client management by offering comprehensive client profiles for personalized interactions, streamlined prioritization of key clients, efficient communication tools, and integrated file management, all designed to strengthen client relationships and drive successful outcomes.

Trovve is not just a tool; It's more than a platform; it's a strategic partner in driving team efficiency, collaboration, and success


1. What are the different pricing plans available?

We offer four distinct pricing plans: Solo, Small Business, Mid-sized Business, and Enterprise. Each is designed to cater to different business needs with varying features and support levels.

2. Can I switch between plans?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time directly through your account.

3. What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards for your convenience. For our Enterprise clients, we also offer the option of payment via bank transfers and checks.

4. Are there discounts for annual subscriptions?

Yes! Enjoy a 20% discount when you choose to subscribe to any plan on an annual basis.

5. Could you elaborate on the differences between Basic, Standard, and Enhanced Support?

Basic Support:

Access to our comprehensive knowledge base and FAQs.

Email support with guaranteed responses within 48 hours.

Standard Support:

Everything included in Basic Support, plus:

Scheduled Live support via Microsoft Teams meetings during business hours, providing real-time assistance to resolve your issues.

Enhanced Support:

Everything in Standard Support, plus:

A dedicated support representative assigned to your account.

Same –day Emergency support via Microsoft Teams for urgent issues.

6. What are the levels of Microsoft 365 Support in the plans?

Microsoft 365 Support: (Available in Small Business Plan) - Assistance with general troubleshooting and queries related to Microsoft 365 via email.

Enhanced Microsoft 365 Support: (Available in Mid-sized & Enterprise Plans) - In addition to email support, receive live support through Microsoft Teams for in-depth troubleshooting and assistance on advanced features and integrations of Microsoft 365.

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