Voyager Labs Suite

by Voyager Labs

Enables analysts to collect & analyze mass amounts of complex unstructured data & acquire insights

Make The Invisible Visible

Deep digital investigation platforms for your most complex challenges


VoyagerLabs enables investigators and analysts to collect and analyze massive amounts of complex open, deep and dark unstructured data and acquire actionable, previously unattainable insights. Leading government and law enforcement agencies, as well as private sector clients, use our cutting-edge AI technology in the United States and worldwide to gain a vital edge in the battle against crime, fraud, terror, trafficking, internal threats and other risks.

The Voyager Labs Suite offers three main platforms:

VoyagerAnalytics, Deep Investigation Platform

VoyagerAnalytics’ In-depth analysis platform, enabling analysts to investigate publicly available data in a completely anonymous environment, revealing previously unattainable insights. Provides a deep understanding of any topic, person, or group. 

VoyagerCheck, Risk Indication Platform

VoyagerCheck’s  rapid risk assessment solution answers pre-defined questions to assess risk at scale, with explainable AI. Leverage near real-time open source, unstructured data. Easy to deploy, simple to understand.


VoyagerVision, Visual Intelligence Platform

VoyagerVision uncovers insights from visual data at any scale, from any source. Enable an immediate mapping of key entities, their relationship strength, group analysis and hidden connection. VoyagerVision turns visual data into visual intelligence.


VoyagerLabs partnered with Microsoft to provide the best cloud-based Investigation solution on the market, guaranteeing fast and secure deployment with easy scalability for growing teams and other requirements. Combining Microsoft technology with cutting edge AI technology local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are empowered to transform the delivery of public safety services. 

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