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Interactive Content for higher engagement, convert traffic into revenue and gain actionable insights

What is Whichit?

Whichit is an interactive commercial content platform that enables marketers, brands, and enterprises to increase user engagement, open new revenue streams and gain actionable insights. The company has innovative technology that profiles users based on their preferences and uses machine learning to provide bespoke commercial incentives in real time.

Simple is smart!

Whichit can be used as an interactive digital unit to create better awareness & engagement, user acquisition, collect qualified leads and affiliate users to targeted commercial pages, while gaining valuable audience insights. These high-performance creatives can easily distribute on multiple channels: Embedded on websites, blogs, social media channels, published on premium publishers, advertised on Google’s Display Network and on native mobile.

It’s actionable insight, not just data!

Analyzing your Whichit user activity gives you immediate and actionable consumer insights, as a quick market research. Whichit’s unique approach and the innovative technology allows for the micro-segmentation of audiences. While adding individual tracking and re-targeting pixels, to reach specific users of your audience and display personalized commercial messages.

Closing the loop!

The Whichit system can easily be integrated into any 3rd party marketing and advertising tool, CRMs, ERPs and DMPs. Streaming all data points to improve clients' performance and targeting capabilities.

The proof is in the pudding!

Whichit is proven globally across and delivers phenomenal advertising and marketing performance. Our impressive and ever-increasing client roster hail from different verticals including retail, finance, automotive, travel, Gov, charity, FMCG, fashion and beauty.

Our work, your benefit!
  • Deployed through any digital channel
  • Run across multiple devices
  • Have a commercial action frame integrated into the interactive unit
  • Multiple pixel implementation
  • One creative to rule them all - The Whichit unit fits all ad sizes, without the need to create individual creatives

And facilitates:

  • Micro-segmentation of audiences based on their preferences
  • Re-targeting users at multiple points
  • Generating qualified leads
  • Directing audiences to specific product pages, based on their preferences
  • Using actionable insights to optimize to in real-time and inform future commercial strategies
  • Ensuring best-in-class performance, leading to higher conversions
  • Integration to CRMs, ERPs, DMPs and 3rd party systems, sending rich data in real time
It’s also good to know Whichit is:
  • Fully GDPR compliant
  • WCAG compliant for the visually impaired

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