Wipro Intelligent Volume Optimization and Risk-management (IVOR)

by Wipro Ltd

An Innovative AML Azure based solution that reduces the volume of false positives by 65+%.

Business problem:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Transaction Monitoring products and processes generate high numbers of false positives (98%) due to unsophisticated detection coupled with limited breadth of investigative information and limited quality assurance. This forces financial firms to deploy significant human capital to manually investigate such alerts. Financial Institutions are constantly trying to achieve operational simplification, risk optimization as well as cost reduction.

Our Solution:

IVOR, powered by Microsoft Cloud, enables financial institutions to reduce the volume of false positives by 65+%. Made possible with a machine learning driven model that adapts to changes in environment. IVOR allows financial institutions to significantly reduce human capital allocation while efficiently managing risk. Moreover, IVOR can work as a bolt on solution, integrating harmoniously with current alerting products or in its own right.

Key features of the solution are:

  • Machine learning driven engine that adapts to changes in customers behaviors/policy
  • Flexible coverage, suitable for any size of player, nationally or internationally
  • Integratable within any existing infrastructure - Any Cloud and/or On Prem
Our Differentiators:

  • Domain expert driven machine intelligence with powerful predictive features
  • A country agnostic solution suitable for domestic and multinational organizations
  • Auto self-explanatory model understandable by regulators with minimal manual input
  • Augmenting and enhancing existing technology rather than competing
  • Machine Learning Operations (MLOPS) allows IVOR to execute effectively in changing data environments
  • Auto-builds and deploys alternative models as customer behaviors change

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