WorkPoint 365 Management System

by WorkPoint A/S

Cloud solution for quality and process management based on Office 365

A comprehensive solution for managing all your business and quality processes in a single platform

Experience seamless integration with the Office 365 platform with a flexible and dynamic solution providing a minimal need for configuration but with plenty of room for customization.

Managing business and quality processes across an entire department or organization can be a comprehensive task, complicated by different individuals requiring different types of information at varying levels of insight. WorkPoint offers an extensive solution for managing all of your business and quality processes in one place, fully integrated to Microsoft Office 365, offering employees a regicnizable and user-friendly interface with access to the entire Office 365 toolbox. 

WorkPoint Management System is a comprehensive solution designed to meet all your organizational needs in terms of quality and KPI management, non-conformity reporting, process documentation, policy evaluation and process management.  Implementation is straightforward and with a minimum of configuration needed, your organization can get going swiftly and easily. WorkPoint Management System is designed to support your organizations daily effort to stay on track and compliant with all your internal processes and policies. Frontline workers are offered an intuitive entrance to your organization's management handbook containing process descriptions, procedures, evaluations and instructions. And through a permission- and rule-based security model, workers are only presented with the information relevant to them.

Process and quality managers are offered a comprehensive platform for monitoring and reviewing processes, KPI’s, non-conformities, audits, evaluations and related tasks. This supports efficient process management and continuous improvement.

WorkPoint Management System is based on requirements from the ISO-standards and supports ISO courses such ad 9001, 27001, 14001, 50001 and 26001.

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