iBroka Insurance Brokers ERP

by Wragby Business Solutions & Technologies Limited

A fully Integrated End-to-End Business Management Solution for Insurance Brokers

iBroka is a fully integrated solution that allows brokers to manage Insurance brokerage services, business operations, accounting, Talent acquisition & management, Business and Regulatory reporting and a lot more.The Solution is subscription based

Clients Management: Automatically capture and maintain client policy details to enable effective management and keep the right focus on Sales Activities for every Insurance product in your
Leads Management: Automate lead acquisition and tracking through their entire life-cycle. iBroka allows lead updates as soon as you get them or through bulk uploads. the Application is intuitive to guide you and provide follows for the entire process.
Policies Management: Allows you to organize your policy classes and rates. You can auto generate renewal notices and risk notes, while also allowing addition of new products easily with little or no IT knowledge
Claims Management: Allows automated claims creation, tracking and management forms as part of
the core of the solution. The Claims Management solution helps reduce the cost of processing through
automation of all brokerage tasks
Payment and Invoice Management: Provides a simple to use integrated platform which keeps track of client payments and invoices. Customers can create invoice, issue them or void them as they require.
Intuitive Reports: Intuitive reports which give you all the information you require to make decisions
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Benefits: iBroka is a Cloud based solution, made for Insurance Brokers. It is subscription based

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