Sequence Generator

by C Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd

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...helps you address the need of a flexible record numbering process

Every organization has its own unique way of identifying their CRM records like service tickets, invoices, quotations, orders and so on. It is important to have a unique and meaningful record ID to facilitate quick identification, search, and retrieval of records. This becomes easier if you have a robust yet flexible codification engine available in your CRM. . While the need of a flexible record numbering process is accepted, most standard CRM systems does not provide this feature natively. Businesses are forced to choose between a simple sequence of automatically incrementing numbers or a heavily customized solution that can be utilized only for a set of records and cannot be easily modified later. CCentric’s Sequence Generator helps address these challenges. It is a simple, intuitive but powerful tool for business users to specify the rules for sequence generation. It works on any CRM entity and in any environment, either in-premise or cloud. The Sequences you generate, can now be represented through a QR code! CCS's QR code generator is bundled with this app which makes sharing, retrieving and interpreting the code all the more easier.

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