ECOLAB3D Digital Platform

by Ecolab

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Cloud based, secure, scalable digital platform that provides end-to-end water management.

For people who strive for clean, safe, healthy, sustainable and efficient operations, ECOLAB3D™ connects data intelligence to smarter performance.
ECOLAB3D™ is a secure, cloud-based, digital platform that translates operating data from multiple sources into actionable insights using advanced algorithms and predictive analytics. Our field teams work with customers to apply these insights to produce better business performance, enhancing the value and impact of what we deliver to customers.
The game-changing capability of ECOLAB3D™ distills data in real time to enable us to develop insights and predictions that deliver more value to our customers. Digital services powered by ECOLAB3D™ help our customers:
ACHIEVE SUSTAINABILITY IMPACT by helping identify opportunities to conserve water, save energy, improve asset use and extend asset life
PROVIDE PERFORMANCE MONITORING AND OPTIMIZATION into your water performance, water use, critical operations and assets at enterprise, site and asset levels
FACILITATE RISK MITIGATION by identifying and quickly addressing water safety issues at the most at-risk locations
MANAGE VALUE CAPTURE by providing greater visibility and effective management of value projects

Our digital services are built on ECOLAB3D™ to manage performance, mitigate risk, and capture value.
Water Quality: Visualize water treatment performance on a global scale. Quickly identify underperforming assets. Water Quality provides greater visibility and deeper insights to help you optimize asset performance, save water and energy, and lower operating costs.
Financial Impact: Identify value projects that deliver real savings. Evaluate the priority of value projects. Measure the outcome of value realization. Financial Impact helps you manage value project pipeline and focus on the most impactful projects.
Water Safety Intelligence: Water Safety Intelligence delivers unparalleled insight into your water risk. It allows you to proactively manage and quickly address Legionella risk across your enterprise with robust data, advanced analytics and industry-leading expertise.
Water Flow Intelligence: Sustainability-minded customers don’t go with the flow, they lead the way. Water Flow Intelligence helps uncover water savings opportunities via real-time visibility of usage at multiple levels. The result is prescriptive water savings goals and a clear path to deliver on them.
OMNI™: The best time to solve a problem is before it even occurs. OMNI™ does just that by studying historical and real-time data to predict and prevent issues, so your operation can perform optimally, reliably and profitably.

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