Minutas Teams

by ForoWeb

Minutas is an app that allows you to document and track your work meetings within Microsoft Teams.

Minutas Teams is a tool to help you document your meetings and keep track of it. You can manage basic data, objectives, attendee, agenda, agreements, notes, tasks and additional information. On Minutas Teams you can use data that you already have like your organization directory information to help you fill your meeting minutes faster or share you minutes and meeting invitations. If you already have plans from Microsoft Planner, you can create an assign tasks to your team in those existing plans.

Our app can be used on your Microsoft Teams teams to have all your meeting minutes in one place and keep everyone informed, but it also can be used in your personal tab if you need to document your own personal meetings.
If your team is diverse, you can assign a default language in which all your meeting minutes can be shared or printed, but everyone in the team can use the Minutas Teams user interface in their own language. Currently Minutas Teams has English, Spanish and Portuguese language support. Minutas Teams can be used in every device that has a Microsoft Teams app. It works the same on mobile devices and personal computers.

In order to use this app, you need to have an active subscription. Subscription plans include a fixed number of meeting minutes that can be shared by all members of your organization. If you need more meeting minutes, you can purchase additional subscription plans and the number of meeting minutes available will be the sum of all your active plans.

We have trial and annual subscription plans sized according to your needs. When you are ready to buy, we recommend that the subscription purchase and activation process be done by your Microsoft 365 subscription administrator. Please contact us at: or go to for more information.

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