Visitor Registration Management (VRM)

by UB Technology Innovations, Inc.

Efficient tracking of visitor for congestion free entry & exit along with flexible vehicle handling

One of the most essential but less valued record keeping practices we follow is visitor registration. VRM provides better ways to handle visitors from interns to vendors. It tracks the entry/exit of individuals along with their vehicles and gives an organized periodic report on visitors. 
VRM adopts the gate pass system to have a controlled and secure visitor management, thus enabling the organization in having secure and hassle-free entry/exit. Also, employees from different departments can assist with a preset list of vendors, consultants, interns, contract labor, mechanics etc. for efficient tracking. 
VRM greatly helps to restrict human error by providing consistency and optimizing the process, Security personnel leverage the app's ability to ease parallel processing like registration, tracking, monitoring and taking control over entry and exits.
Our app has adopted the standard set of procedures like recording IT assets, vehicles and supply materials of visitors, restricting the unauthorized leakage of organizational assets. Vehicles entry/exit provides insight to the logistics and admin team in optimizing vehicle handling in loading/offloading and parking allocations.
The app has four major modules, each of them has distinct dependency to give us a track on the individual entry/exit. The modules are visitor entry, vehicle register, visitor tracking and visitor exit. The app has a nature of simple user-friendly interface for flexible operation for any security personnel. All the records can be viewed as a report or even exported as a PDF file for flexible internal operations.
Features & Benefits: 
  • User friendly interface in managing visitors
  • Smart entry with auto-fill feature for visitor entries 
  • Real-time recordings of In-time and Out-time of the visitors during entry and exit
  • Analysis on the check-in and check-out people count for favorable assistance
  • Effective Parking allocations with control on entry and exit of vehicles
  • Reduces the risk of data loss
  • Hassle-free registration process
  • Optimizes company security and management operations 
  • Informative and interactive insight on Visitor’s Status
  • Multi-device compatibility enabling users to access from any device or platform
  • Flexible data handling to export reports

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