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Secure omnichannel live chat, powered by Microsoft Teams and Azure OpenAI (GPT-4 language model)

Leave no question unanswered and improve customer service and sales
uWebChat is designed to integrate on your website or intranet, offering your customers the option to interact with your team with live chat that can also be converted to a voice or video call. uWebchat is the intelligent chat bot, that only hunts for available agents and that matches your specific company settings like service times, agent priority, groups and skills. If no agent is available visitors can leave a message or ask the automated bot for answers. 100% uptime. A missed conversation could be a missed sale. Leave no question unanswered with uWebChat!

uWebChat powered by ChatGPT-4 language model from Azure OpenAI; multilingual chat bot

Experience seamless multilingual communication with uWebChat, which incorporates the ChatGPT-4 language model from Azure OpenAI to enable real-time translation. This makes uWebChat the intelligent, Office integrated live chat bot that translates real time to and from any world language. uWebChat is based on Azure Cognitive services and uses real time translation based on the browser language of the visitor. Native agents are no longer required, the world is your market.

Intelligent chat bot for Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Copilot for AI-assisted writing
No more waiting for an available agent but smart routing methods to make sure the visitor immediately gets connected to your team, And more so; to the best qualified agent, since you can create groups per skill/department for the best skilled agent to answer the chat. If the agent does not answer in time, uWebChat will automatically hunt the next available agent. This will increase service levels dramatically. And soon; Microsoft 365 Copilot can help support agents compose clear, concise, and grammatically correct responses, improving the overall quality of customer support communication.

Contact center omnichannel features
uWebChat is everything you need for your omnichannel ServiceDesk; skill based routing, custom hunt times, service times per group, language settings per group and agent, reporting dashboard for compliancy purposes and the option for visitors to leave a message when your agents are not available. The message will automatically be offered to the first agent that becomes available. uWebChat is not only a smart chat bot, but also offers voice and video because sometimes it is just more efficient to call or have a video session. Simply convert the chat to voice or video then. All your visitors need is a web browser. Easy.

Easy to deploy and seamless integration - all you need is a Teams client for your agents
uWebChat is an out-of-the-box - Azure based - web chat service that can easily be embedded on your website or web portal and can be customized to match your company branding. Use a fee CMS plugin or custom CSS to embed uWebChat on your (web)site. All your agents need is a Teams Client.
No development skills are needed.

Security & compliancy
uWebChat is 100% Microsoft Azure based and thus subject to Azure security and compliancy services. uWebChat does not store your conversation data, if you need to archive your conversations you can authorize uWebChat to archive to your company OneDrive. Therefore uWebChat is compliant to GDPR and your company policy's.

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