BestPath Finance and Operations: 8-Day Assessment


BestPath Assessment is the evaluation of your existing AX solution upgrade possibilities and recommendations for the most beneficial tactic for your move to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

1ClickFactory’s BestPath Assessment provides visibility into your Dynamics AX upgrade project complexity, identifies key redesign areas together with unmovable modifications, and helps you make informed decisions on the most beneficial and cost-effective upgrade tactic (upgrade, re-implementation, a mix of both) for your move to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

With BestPath Assessment you get a clear plan with the roles and tasks for a successful project execution, gain visibility into the solution complexity to better manage project risks, and avoid costly mistakes. You also get a good understanding of the effort needed to make the move.


BestPath Assessment consists of:

  • The initial AX solution assessment with a detailed technical analysis at granular object level – the service baseline (up to five days)
  • A workshop with a partner and customer to go through the findings and analyze the existing solution together with your technical leads (two days)
  • A solution scope re-assessment, recommended project milestone plan preparation, and report, including recommendations for the most beneficial path (upgrade, re-implementation or a mix of both) (one day)


  • BestPath Assessment technical analysis report
  • Upgrade scope document
  • Preliminary recommended project plan
  • Fixed price upgrade proposal (optional)

The technical solution assessment review results include:

  • List of customized objects in the existing solution
  • Upgrade actions per object – skip, re-implement, extend
  • Upgrade complexity per object share – directly extendable and not extendable
  • Known and preliminary time estimation for upgrade effort per object share
  • Possible data migration options and time investment
  • Investment required to upgrade new/customized reports
  • Existing solution integration analysis and possible ways to achieve the same results in the target version
  • Preliminary technical scope for the solution transition “as is”

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