CSV To Power BI: 3-Day Proof of Concept

Catapult Systems, LLC

A Power BI pilot based on your sample data provided in CSV file format.

This engagement will include a discovery of current data sources, a discussion on data modeling, and desired visual output of reports and dashboards.

During this session, we will interactively develop a Power BI pilot based on the sample data provided.


Day 1

Focus on how to acquire data from multiple sources and model that data in Power BI.

Day 2

Focus on presentation and dashboards (Graphs, reports, etc.).

Day 3

Focus on how to best use Power BI to publish and share information and understand standard Power BI governance models with regards to data access and data security.


A Power BI Desktop file published to with POC reports and dashboards.


  • The audience for this engagement is business data analysts, business stakeholders, and IT database specialists.
  • The engagement kick-off and wrap-up is conducted onsite at the customer's premises. Web conferences will be used for check-point reviews.

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