Salesforce to Dynamics 365 Migration

Definity First

Our services ensure a seamless transition from Salesforce to Dynamics 365, unlocking advanced features for improved business performance.

Duration: 4-6 weeks

Discover the advantages of our tailored migration services, seamlessly shifting from Salesforce to Dynamics 365. This integration not only simplifies the process but also empowers your business with advanced features like automation, analytics, and collaboration. Elevate your operations and enjoy improved performance, all with our hassle-free transition solution.


  • Provide a full scope of implementation, schedule, resources, and budget.
  • Initial data migration from existing Salesforce to Dynamics of up to 5 entities/tables, such as contacts, leads, opportunities, etc.
  • Setup of up to 30 users (in up to 3 different roles)
  • Configure up to 2 Out of Box (OOTB) business workflows.
  • Configure up to 10 OOTB business rules.
  • Configure up to 5 Power BI custom reports and up to 2 custom dashboards.
  • Up to 50 custom fields or form customizations.
  • Functional training: 2 sessions of 1 hr. each.
  • Technical training: 1 session of 1.5 hr.
  • Supplemental 3rd part components and integrations options
  • Data migration requirements.
  • Post Go-Live Strategy.
  • Power BI and Reporting.
  • You will be up and running in 4-6 weeks.

Why Definity First? With more than 20 years of experience as a premier Microsoft Partner, we bring a profound understanding of leveraging Microsoft's comprehensive business solutions to revolutionize your business operations. Our specialized proficiency in Dynamics 365 uniquely equips us to enhance and elevate your business functions. When you choose Definity First for your Dynamics 365 Migration, you can have confidence that you're teaming up with a dedicated group of experts fully committed to ensuring your success. Your path to achieving business excellence starts with us.


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