Dynamics 365 Customer Service 1-Day Workshop

Dynamics Edge

This instructor-led, on-site workshop provides the knowledge and skills needed to be successful with Customer Service in Dynamics 365. Delivered at your site.


Module 1: Introduction to Service Management

  • The features of Dynamics 365 Customer Service
  • Sales vs service
  • Customer service after the sale
  • Managing customer service
  • Business considerations for service management
  • Examples of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Module 2: Case Management (The core element of service)

  • Cases or incidents are the basic premise
  • Create and manage a case
  • Establishing a case and attaching to a customer
  • Add a phone call, task, email, or appointment to a case
  • Find what’s assigned to you in a queue
  • Assign an activity to a user or queue
  • Merge similar cases
  • Create and manage parent and child cases
  • Parent/child case settings
  • Case routing rules
  • Automatically create case from email
  • Automatically create/update record
  • Case resolution processes
  • Automating case resolution with business process flows

Module 3: Knowledge Base and Templates

  • Knowledge management setup
  • Templates and publishing
  • Consistent messaging
  • Creating knowledge base template
  • Creating knowledge base articles
  • Creating email templates
  • Creating emails for customers
  • Emailing knowledge base articles

Module 4: Service Queue Management

  • Service queues overview
  • Establishing a framework of queues to process cases
  • Types of queues
  • Moving and escalating cases
  • Monitoring progress

Module 5: Service Level Agreements and Entitlements

  • Service level agreements and entitlements
  • Service contracts and service levels
  • Entitlement channels and allotments
  • Allotments: minutes or incidents
  • Contract templates
  • Selling service contracts and entitlements

Module 6: The Interactive Service Hub to Improve Customer Service

  • Monitor cases and actions
  • Multi-stream dashboards

Module 7: Voice of the Customer in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

Module 8: Customer Service and Field Service

  • The case for field service
  • Resource management

Module 9: Service Analysis and Reporting

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