4-Day Security Assesment


From firewall to zero trust. HSO Security Assessment identifies risks and advises recommendations.

The risks of cybercrime are high; with an increase in cyberthreats during the coronavirus pandemic; like malware, phishing, and web-based attacks. In the HSO Cloud Security Assessment we map out the weaknesses in your digital environment and provide a clear step-by step plan on how you can optimize the security of your on-premises servers or Azure cloud platform. With extensive knowledge in Microsoft 365 and Azure security tools and services; like Azure Security Center, Azure Advanced Threat Protection, Cloud App Security and Microsoft Information Protection, our consultants will help you better secure, protect and monitor your IT-landscape.

Agenda and deliverables

Step 1: Determine as-is and to-be
Take stock of the ‘as-is’ status of your security and determine the requirements and preconditions of the ‘to-be’ situation. We draw up the requirements and pre-conditions based on legislation and regulations, standards in the market and, for example, expectations of customers and partners.

Step 2: Inventory of your current IT landscape We review what your current IT landscape looks like, including users, devices, applications, network, locations, and data. We do this by combining our cloud and on-premises security expertise and making use of tools like the Azure Security Center.

Step 3: Inventory of potential threats We analyze the security risks and potential threats to your current environment and map them out for you. In this roadmap, we define what Microsoft tools you should implement or change to increase security & compliancy of your environment(s).

Step 4: Assessment report and roadmap The final step is a presentation of the report and our findings, plus a compact step-by step plan to achieve a zero-trust security architecture with available Microsoft security tools and services. After the Security Assessment, HSO is happy to help with the implementation of a zero-trust architecture with the proper Microsoft 365 & Azure security tools.

** Please note: This offer includes a free discovery engagement period for qualified accounts. Additional workshops and associated services vary by customer and location.

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