Discover Your Data: 2-Day Workshop

MCA Connect

Not sure how to properly organize or model your data to put into Power BI? Let MCA Connect help.

You know and understand the value of Power BI, but what's tricky is organizing the data and figuring out how to join the data tables to get what you need for proper visualization. Sometimes structuring the data and preparing it for Power BI is the most challenging part. During our 2-Day workshop, our Power BI experts will help you get your data properly organized and in shape for easy Power BI reporting.

Day 1: Let's review your data in its current state and discover your analytical requirements. Then, we'll look into your data sources to make sure the data is 'usable' for Power BI. Next, we'll develop a strategy to put it into a data lake and begin to model the data properly.

Day 2: Deployment and connecting your data to Power BI will take place. We'll monitor and analyze how your data is performing in the reports.

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