Nonprofit Catalyst: 3-Day Workshop

RSM Product Sales LLC

RSM’s Nonprofit Catalyst workshop combines Microsoft’s Catalyst offering with our industry team to provide recommendations that drive Nonprofit organizations into a more digital future.

RSM’s catalyst workshop is a comprehensive, diagnostic tool focused on identifying opportunities and building a roadmap to successfully implement Microsoft technologies ranging from its ERP platform Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain, to integrated offerings like Dynamics 365 for Finance, Business Central, Microsoft Customer Service, Customer Insight, Field Service, Sales, Human resources and Marketing, to adjacent offerings based upon the Power Platform like Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate.

Day 1 - Overview of the process and establishing the goals. Understanding the challenge
Day 2 - Apply the IDEA principals to the challenge to start to identify solutions
Day 3 - Match challenge, solutions and process to develop the solution

There are 4 steps in our process leveraging the I.D.E.A framework to facilitate digital transformation throughout your organization.

  • Inspire -Start by finding the transformation strategy that is right for you. Define and prioritize then drive decision making with an envisioning workshop.
  • Design -Build a compelling case for change by discussing business and technological impact while qualifying the return on investment.
  • Empower -Help others see the value in your transformation story by creating visual assets and immersive experiences—promoting buy-in and getting alignment on commitments.
  • Achieve -Bring in the resources you need to execute your strategy and carry out your business transformation while measuring its success.

The output of this process is the following deliverables.

  • Prioritized Development Activities Plan
  • Business Process Enhancement Recommendations
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Phased Execution Plan

    “Digital transformation is not only about doing things differently, but doing different things – from gathering and analyzing data for smarter decision-making to engaging clients, customers, and suppliers in new ways.”

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