TCS’ Financial Capabilities on MC4FS and Azure OpenAI : 4-Wk Assessment

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

Assessment Service for Financial Capabilities on MC4FS and Azure OpenAI to Elevate 3Es Efficiency (Productivity), Experience (Customer & Employee Experience) & Edge (Competitive Edge).

Elevate 3Es Efficiency (Productivity), Experience (Customer and Employee Experience) and Edge (Competitive Edge) with TCS’ Financial Capabilities on MC4FS and Azure OpenAI.

As a Trusted Advisor to our Customers, TCS always has been in the fore front of defining and driving innovative ways to enable our customers with cutting edge technologies. In today's rapidly evolving financial landscape, financial institutions are grappling with the need to adapt to changes, manage complex operations, and meet stringent regulatory compliance while delivering superior customer experiences. Traditional approaches often fall short in addressing these challenges, leading to inefficiencies, high costs, and reduced competitiveness. There is a clear necessity for a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that can streamline operations, enhance security, and drive digital transformation in the financial services industry.

Overview of TCS’ Financial Capabilities on MC4FS and Azure OpenAI

TCS’ Financial Capabilities on MC4FS and Azure OpenAI to meet the specific needs of the financial services industry. It effectively integrates Microsoft's advanced cloud services with Azure's OpenAI, ensuring efficiency, security, and compliance in the financial sector.

Our Banking Accelerator is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, Azure and Power BI platforms and has the following templates and services:

  1. Assessment and Advisory Services: TCS provides a thorough assessment of the customer's current systems, identifying opportunities for cost savings and productivity improvements. TCS offer comprehensive advisory services to help customers smoothly transition to MC4FS, optimizing the benefits of the cloud.
  2. Strategy, Recommendation, and Roadmap: TCS develops a strategic plan tailored to each customer's unique needs and objectives. TCS provide specific recommendations and a clear roadmap to ensure a successful transition to MC4FS and seamless integration with Azure OpenAI.
  3. Bespoke Implementation: The implementation process considers critical factors such as Data Model & Insights, and Governance and Compliance. TCS ensures that each solution is custom-built to suit the customer's specific needs, ensuring maximum efficiency and compliance.
  4. Data Ingestion and Migration: This involves integrating the source system and migrating data to the new platform. TCS ensures that this process is efficient, secure, and minimizes disruptions to the customer's operations.
    o Source System Integration: TCS integrates the customer's existing systems with MC4FS, ensuring seamless data flow and functionality.
    o Data Migration: TCS manages the migration of data from the customer's existing systems to MC4FS, guaranteeing data integrity and security throughout the process.
  5. Compliance, Privacy, and Security: With MC4FS and Azure OpenAI, customers can rest assured of stringent compliance, privacy, and security measures. TCS ensures that the solution adheres to relevant regulatory standards, while also prioritizing data privacy and system security.

TCS Approach for assessing, advising, and implementing these Value Chains and Personas in an easy to comprehend step by step approach. Refer to “TCS DAIS Framework for GenAI adoption” on Azure Marketplace. Tight integration with the TCS defined Responsible AI and its associated guardrails. Refer to “TCS Responsible AI Assessment for Generative AI” on Azure Marketplace.

Benefits of TCS’ Financial Capabilities on MC4FS and Azure OpenAI

• Enhanced Security and Compliance
• Accelerated Digital Transformation • Improved Customer Experience • Increased Efficiency and Agility • Simplified Data Management

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