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A solution for the automation of invoicing in the social economy.

Do you have variable requirements for the billing of your clients? Are you thinking about how to make your administration as efficient as possible? Is your invoicing perhaps even based on simple spreadsheets?

Managing the various constellations of a social economy invoicing system requires good organisation. A large number of different requirements must be taken into the invoice and all of this shall be processed as conveniently as possible and relieve you and your employees. If the administration is too complicated, you tie up resources unnecessarily and risk making mistakes; if it does not cover enough, you may lose financial resources.

With Careviva Social Invoicing, facilities and institutions in the social economy can automatically carry out the cyclical invoicing of their customers (clients, residents, caregivers, participants, patients etc.) with the service payers (health insurance companies, nursing care insurance companies, public authorities, private payers etc.) on the basis of an individually defined service agreement. Variable parameters such as individual and time-varying prices, absences, regional assignments, etc. are fully taken into the invoice, as are variable services provided. Due to the modular structure of the billing process, your individual requirements can also be taken into the invoice. Stop relying on simple solutions that only moderately cover your business operations and whose management takes hours of valuable time. Get the best out of your organisation and of the people you work with gain time for the many other important things you take care of by using Careviva Social Incvoicing app.

Features and Benefits of using this App

  • Comfortable management of variable billing requirements
  • Clear presentation of contract modalities
  • Documentation of billing steps

Click the Get it now button and start to make your social economy accounting even more efficient. Your clients and your administration team will thank you for it.

Supported Editions: 

This app supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported Countries: 

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Supported Languages: 

The app is available in German (Germany).

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