incadea Automotive365 Network Management Publisher

by incadea GmbH

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incadea Automotive365 Network Management Publisher offers sharing selected data to subscribers

incadea Automotive365 is a special solution for automotive workshops and dealerships using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

The incadea Automotive365 Network Management (Publisher) offers a data distribution concept providing a centralized delivery of data (such as selected tables and fields) from one company acting as the publisher to a group of connected companies which act as subscribers of that data.

The publisher and subscribers can be operated in the same multi-tenant environment representing or forming a parent company and subsidiary relationship or could be also operated in completely separated environments. The communication always starts from the subscriber that is consuming the OData REST APIs exposed by the publisher.

Features and Benefits of this extension:

  • Work with a designated rolecenter

  • Share different master data with subscribers

  • See which transmissions are due or overdue

  • Setup which tables and fields are available for subscription

  • Maintenance Mode to block tables/fields for transmission

Supported Languages:

German (Germany), English (US)



Supported Editions:

Dynamics 365 Business Central Essential and Premium Edition

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