RdN Contract Vault

Rue de Net

Store, classify and manage all contracts and business documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Tired of looking through folders of documents trying to find that contract you signed years ago? Want a list of all the contracts and documents for a certain customer or vendor? This is a very common problem for companies everywhere. RdN Contract Vault helps you solve these problems by providing easy access and overview of all of your contracts and documents.

Contract Vault from Rue de Net allows you to store, classify and manage contracts and business documents in one place in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Storing contracts and other business documents electronically results in decreased storage and printing cost. Having an electronic copy of your documents stored in Dynamics 365 Business Central also gives you a peace of mind as they are not easily lost or destroyed.

In the Contract Vault you can manage your company's documents and connect a document to a vendor or a customer. It is possible to customize access for users; different levels of contract access can be granted to different individuals. Documents stored in the Contract Vault cannot be accessed by whom you do not grant access.

It creates oversight and optimization with your contracts and documents and makes sure that everything is stored in the best possible way for your business.

Find more information on our landing page and start storing your documents today for a secure and easy access later!

Key features:
  • Overview
  • PDF attachments
  • Visible on vendors and customers
  • Access control
  • Excel template / import

This app is available in the US, UK and Canada