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Automotive - complete, secure and adaptable

Do you count among your customers companies such as Volkswagen, BMW, AUDI, Daimler, Porsche, SEAT, Skoda, Fiat, PSA, Lamborghini, Bentley, Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Rolls Royce, Opel, Ford, MAN, SCANIA, Volvo, DAF, Valeo, Teclac, Veritas, Magna, Faurecia or Axle Alliance? Then YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 Automotive is perfect for you. As an automotive supplier, you deal with highly demanding customers who, in addition to requiring electronic data interfacing (EDI), also place high demands on logistics and quality. You have to cope with repeated changes of running processes and the setting up of custom procedures. The key to managing future challenges securely and without stress is powerful and adaptable software with a holistic approach to connect customers, suppliers, freight forwarders, contract manufacturers, or even external warehouses.
YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 Automotive is easy to use, cost-effective, and highly automated. You do not even need an additional EDI converter or EDI service provider.
To summarize: The complete package offers everything you need to handle automotive clients professionally.

The detail:
Shipment orders, cumulative figures, provisioning, release periods and ranges, packing structures and instructions, and load carrier accounts - the foundation for effortless and secure processing. Systematically meet requirements for packaging and delivery guidelines, including, for example, apportionment and restriction scenarios that use the ongoing calculation of total shipment weights, volumes, and storage locations. Of course, this is also the starting point for optimizing delivery or collection. Ensure a high level of efficiency and low error rates with fully automated dispatch planning, goods labels that can be generated at the touch of a button (e.g., VDA, GTL, ODETTE, AIAG), SSCC information, and consignment accompanying documents (e.g., forwarding order, goods receipt/issue slip, CMR). This helps you avoid penalties.

EDI included
Speed up and simplify your projects, while saving money - because no converter software is required. The EDI Interface is a native component and works fully integrated without an external converter. It not only complies with common standards such as VDA, Global, Odette, and ANSI X12, but is also freely configurable on the front end and without programming. The required EDI mappings, e.g., VDA4905 or VDA4984, can be loaded directly from the YAVEON Shop at any time at the push of a button to enable the connection of new partners in record time and without specialist capabilities. The data transmission, e.g., via OFTP2 or AS2, is tracked transparently by the system all the way to the recipient. This provides stability and avoids debate.
Typically used standards: VDA4905, VDA4902, VDA4913, VDA4915, VDA4916, as well as the new global guidelines VDA4984, VDA4985, VDA4987 can be integrated just as easily as ODETTE, EDIFACT, and AnsiX12-based formats.

Complete package
YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 Automotive is complete. Full EDI, Labels, Unloading plants, unloading points, DUNS numbers, cumulative figures, routing codes, production- and sequence numbers, packaging materials and settlement scenarios via third parties, supplier logistics centers (LLZ/EDL), contract manufacturers and sequencers, ... are part of this solution.

Partners and message types
For each type of business partner, you can define the message types individually and flexibly. These can be customers, suppliers, logistics partners, contract manufacturers, or sequencers. Manual transactions can also be combined with electronic documents, or these can be post-processed.
Examples of typical message types:
  • Delivery Call-off (DELFOR)
  • Daily Call-off (DELINS)
  • JIT/JIS messages (DELJIT)
  • Delivery notifications, consumption and goods receipt notification (DESADV)
  • Invoices/Credit Notes (INVOICE)
  • Credit Advice (CREADV)
  • Payment Notification (REMADV)
  • Inventory report (INVRPT)

You can also set up message types required for special procedures such as Ames-T, Daimler PUS, Perlenkette, NLK, or BelowM.
YAVEON ProE-SCM 365 Automotive can also be combined with EDI Trade, Workflow and the scanning module for efficient barcode-supported processing in the warehouse. The YAVEON Quality Module and the Warehouse Management App extend the benefits of the Automotive Module.

Supported Editions:
Essentials and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Supported Countries:
Supported Languages:

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