Retalon - Price Optimization 365

by Retalon Inc.

Retail Pricing, Promotions, and Markdown Optimization powered by AI for Microsoft D365

Who is this technology for?

Retalon is designed for medium to large retail businesses that operate in multiple channels. It is for retailers looking to move away from a retroactive, manual, and traditional approach to retailing into a modern, dynamic, science-driven approach.

All Retalon solutions are integrated into Microsoft's Dynamics 365 platform with Retalon's QuickConnect making it easier than ever to roll out retail AI on top of your Microsoft ERP.

Are you looking for an advanced analytics solution that unifies price management, promotions and markdowns?

Do you want to be able to optimize prices across the entire product life cycle?

Does your business have unique or complex factors that need to be accounted for?

Than you need to consider Retalon!

What is Retalon Retail Price Optimization 365?

Retalon uses award-winning predictive analytics and retail AI to optimize prices throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The solution is integrated into Microsoft D365 and is highly flexible and configurable to dynamic, unique, and complex retail organizations. Click on the solution modules below to learn more: 

Powerful Technology. Proven Results:

Retalon's unified retail analytics platform automatically reads your data on D365 in real time and optimizes key retail processes in planning, inventory, pricing and more. Retailers using the platform experience:

  • A much higher demand forecast accuracy
  • Healthier profit margins with dynamic pricing
  • Greater automation and consistent workflow across the business

Easy integration with QuickConnect for Microsoft D365:

Retalon QuickConnect makes it easy and less risky for Microsoft D365 users to roll out advanced retail analytics and AI. Avoid lengthy integrations, costly customization and frustrating change management.  Learn more on the AppSource!

About Retalon:

Retalon is an award-winning provider of advanced analytics and AI for Retail. We believe that retailers should be able to optimize and scale their business using AI without a PhD in data science.

Discover Retalon's Retail Use Cases!

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