rPoint - Digital Platform for Regulatory Compliance and License Management

by Alianz Development

Purpose-built platform for auditing compliance to regulations, managing licenses and certifications

rPoint is a purpose-built regulatory and supervisory business application framework.

rPoint empowers regulatory authorities, local governments, and municipalities to monitor and enforce compliance with regulations and manage client-facing operations efficiently. The following are core features of rPoint as an industry-agnostic application platform as a service for managing compliance with regulations and the life-cycle of corporate permits and licenses.

· Managing libraries of corporate and professional regulations

· Digital collaborative workspace for managing the life cycle of corporate and professional audit of compliance to the appropriate regulations

· Web and mobile portal for applying for and renewal of professional or corporate licenses, reporting compliance to regulations and supervision, collaboration during corporate auditing

· Framework for automating calculations of penalties due to non-compliance to regulations as well as a reconciliation of fees and penalties with client

· Out-of-the-box integration with online payment providers for managing invoices, payments for penalties, and receipts via web portal

· Framework for managing professional licenses and certifications

· Templates of business processes for conducting auditing, investigations, appeals, and reconciliation of compliance reports.

· 360-degree compliance view on corporate and professional clients.

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