Avanade Nonprofit Retail Solution

by Avanade, Inc.

A Nonprofit retail app to support thrift organizations

Avanade’s Nonprofit Retail Solution is a single, powerful platform that gives organizations all the tools they need to overcome technology challenges caused by outdated applications, disparate systems, and legacy technology. Available as a single solution within the Microsoft Business Applications platform, the Avanade Nonprofit Retail Solution combines point of sale, finance and operations, supply chain management, and product management applications to help save time, eliminate manual processes, and increase staff productivity. It also helps nonprofit retailers gain valuable new insights, develop effective sales and marketing strategies, and improve the customer experience—all to help them better achieve their organization’s mission. Pointedly, the solution:

  • Is a tailored solution for businesses to handle donations effectively, right at the counter.
  • Offers seamless process to intake the stock in inventory bypassing the complex procurement procedure.
  • Offers a platform independent mobile app that provides a flexibility to scan the donated items instead of manual data entry in an ERP system.

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