Right Cause Grants Accelerator

by Beyond Key Systems

A comprehensive Grant Management CRM Solution built on MS Dynamics 365.


Amid the rapid shift to remote work and the digital distribution of funds, organizations faced the challenge of creating new grant programs. The legacy Nonprofit systems are inefficient for the emerging values and work methods in Grants Management. It's become crucial to align with technology designed to meet the needs of modern philanthropy.

The Right Cause Grants Accelerator, a secure Microsoft Cloud-based solution, is in perfect harmony with the new principles guiding Grants administration and management:

  • Emphasis on Speed and Agility
  • Prioritizing Transparency and Accountability
  • Focusing on Outcomes and Impact
  • Building Trust and Partnerships
  • Ensuring a Superior User Experience
  • Business Process Flow

Core Functionalities

The core functionalities of the Right Cause Nonprofit Management software encompass the entire Grants Management process, offering a comprehensive Grants Management Solution:

  • Robust Integration Capabilities
  • Empowering Reporting Tools
  • Extensive Collaboration Features
  • Dedicated Portals for third-party involvement
  • Enhanced Donor Engagement
  • Effective Wealth Screening
  • Managing Pledges and Matching Gifts
  • Efficient Events Management
  • Streamlined Donations Management for Nonprofits
  • Simplified Volunteer Management

Philanthropy now demands more from technology, and organizations should expect a Grants Management Software that works with Common Data Model and aligns with these evolving values and work methods.

About Right Cause Grants Accelerator

Right Cause is a nonprofit CRM solution tailored to empower mission-driven organizations and charities. It leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 to facilitate Nonprofit Grant Operations Management, ensuring a seamless Grants Management Process. In addition, it offers a comprehensive solution for Fundraising and Engagement, including Microsoft Fundraising and Engagement and Fundraising Analytics.

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