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Customer Portal for WordPress By CRMJetty


5.0 (2)

Create a self-service customer portal with Dynamics CRM as the backend & WordPress as the front end.

  • Note: If you have an Offline (On-Premises) Integration, you would need to visit CRMJetty and opt for trial from there. The free trial option on AppSource will work for Online (On-Demand) CRM Integrations.

Dynamics CRM Customer Portal for WordPress helps businesses create a self-service customer portal with Dynamics CRM as the backend data repository & WordPress as the front-end user interface. It combines the user friendliness of WordPress with the robustness of Dynamics CRM to create a portal that can be set-up fast, with minimal investment.

Product Features
  • Decide which modules of Dynamics CRM to be made accessible to portal users.
  • Create portal accounts for all CRM contacts in bulk.
  • Configure layout (list, edit and detail view) of each accessible module in Dynamics CRM.
  • Customize your portal - give it a name, add logo, display options, theme & module color, etc.
  • Secure sign-in for portal users.
  • Attractive dashboard with shortcut icons for all enabled modules.
  • Any edit, update or deletion of records from portal will reflect in CRM.
  • Directly view activities (appointments, calls) in calendar.
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Portal provides articles, FAQs to your customer in the form of knowledge base.
  • Set Dynamic access rights for user accessible modules.
  • Multi-Language Support to help you serve your global customer base.
  • Dynamics CRM hierarchy management functionality now available for all the portal users.
  • Parent contacts will be able to view and create child contacts in the portal.