Sales Field App (Tablet)


Revolutionize Sales Operations with AI-Powered All-in-One Sales Field App

The sales field app is developed for field sales and marketing teams, offering them all the information and tools required to do their jobs confidently. It allows continuous connection and data flow between your back office and the representative in the field. It enables sales agents to generate and manage leads, opportunities, quotes, and other related information while in the field. Also, it lets managers track sales representative activities, coordinate their duties, and communicate vital information in real-time to improve results.

Here Are Some of the Notable Features of the Sales Field App:

  • AI-powered data extraction streamlines customer onboarding
  • Field representatives can rapidly take new quotes from your consumers on the field
  • See record activities, edit record information, and log calls from any mobile/tablet device
  • Field representatives can see their daily tasks on the app home screen and plan accordingly
  • Easier access to customers' and prospects’ lists for a dedicated list in the app
  • Featuring a modern and intuitive user interface design
  • Enhancing the sales team's productivity and creating an exceptional user experience for the client

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