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miEdge Health and Welfare Data Integration


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miEdge CRM Health and Welfare Integration

miEdge - The Ultimate Unfair Advantage. The Health & Welfare Integration extends your CRM environment to incorporate miEdge Health & Welfare business intelligence information within the Dynamics 365 platform. An enterprise-level subscription to miEdge is required. miEdge Health and Welfare data includes miEdge company insights as well as summary information on employer benefit plans including eligible employees, total premium, lead and secondary broker, commission data, and plan administrator information. Optional detailed data includes details on each individual line of business such as health, dental, life, etc. miEdge provides the most advanced Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration for Insurance & Financial prospecting. miEdge CRM Integration solutions provide employee benefits, financial services, and property & casualty professionals complete connectivity between miEdge and the power of the Dynamics 365 platform. miEdge Enterprise subscribers immediately gain unique insights for account intelligence, prospect targeting, opportunity scoring, and data cleansing all from within their native CRM environment.