OX.general practice (

by OX.DH Limited

Microsoft preferred solution

Digitally transforming healthcare one patient, professional, and practice at a time

Access to a bricks and mortar GP surgery can be difficult at the best of times – COVID has compounded this.  

OX. General Practice transforms first point of healthcare into a modern, seamless experience, giving patients and all those involved in their care access to shared information, an array of consultation options and efficient online tools including scheduling, inventory, pharmacy, financials and referrals.

For practice staff, OX. General Practice provides integrated tools to schedule clinicians and patients, and tools to manage referrals efficiently. It is underpinned with inventory management capabilities, with integrated patient invoicing if required, all with a user interface that's modern and familiar.
An Azure native cloud solution built on the Microsoft Dataverse, OX. General Practice seamlessly connects clinicians, patients, and data. It provides plugins to Microsoft Teams, M365 and uses Graph API’s and the system can be deployed standalone or wrapped around existing healthcare systems.
OX. General Practice provides a virtuous circle of benefits for patients, clinicians, and healthcare professionals. Patients can book appointments without hassle, attend the appointment virtually or in-person (which benefits clinicians as well). And, because records are all in one place and easily accessible by multi-disciplinary teams and the patient themselves, administrative burdens are greatly reduced, as are the threats of errors and security issues.  And standard tools further enhance efficient practice management. All this increases the time available for the delivery of care and patient engagement, which in turn improves outcomes and enables better and faster access for patients to professionals.

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