Perception Health Referring Physician Insights

by Perception Health INC

Custom Connector to receive information about an NPI’s Acute Care teaming relationships.

Perception Health Referring Physician Insights (RPI) API is a Custom Connector that allows users to pass a Physician’s NPI and receive information about that Physician’s Acute Care teaming relationships.  The API will return the primary hospital (defined by it’s primary taxonomy code in NPPES) as well as up to three secondary, or competitor, hospitals by the descending patient volume that provider sends to those facilities in a JSON format.  The API will also return IFrames for the Provider NPI’s Referral Map, Care Flow by Clinical Taxonomy, Specialty Provider Flow (NPI1 to NPI1), and Business Entity Flow (NPI2 to NPI2) graphics to help visualize the physician’s referral patterns across hospitals and networks.


This custom connector provides hospital systems and healthcare providers information about referral patterns to identify relationships and leakage between providers and hospitals or networks.

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