Data Quality Studio for Dataverse

by To-Increase B.V.

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Enable a data-driven business strategy without development efforts, using a data quality solution

Data Quality Studio (DQS) on Dataverse from To-Increase is a solution to configure data quality policies for data validation and enrichment without the need for development.

DQS helps organizations achieve high data quality for any applications built on top of Dataverse. DQS compliments business rules from Microsoft with support for checking data entry with data patterns and web services.The solution is a unique offering that ensures valid, accurate, complete, and consistent data at the time of need. There is no additional development effort required to set up this premium data governance tool, supporting organizations focusing on a data-driven business strategy. DQS ensures consistent and reliable data delivery to all your stakeholders for improved operational effectiveness and customer satisfaction. This solution is designed to make data quality the cornerstone of your data-driven business strategy.

Key Features

  • Validation at the service level.
  • Any application built on Dataverse can leverage the solution.
  • Custom applications built as model driven or canvas app can apply validation rules.
  • Possible to use the solution with any custom table.
  • Integration with third party webservices to validate data.
  • Data pattern checks with help of regular expressions.
  • Flexibility to enable/disable data quality rules.
  • Fully configurable solution with low to no development effort.
  • Supports dual-write with Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O.

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