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User Redirect Plus

SR1 Development Limited

3.0 (2)

Redirect certain users to certain areas of your SharePoint site.

This SharePoint add-in is ideal for policy acceptance management, or to divert particular team members to particular sites.

It allows you to manage a list containing users, the url they should be directed to, the redirect message (if applicable), and the redirect wait time (if applicable).

You can then add the main add in part to any of your SharePoint sites, which will perform the redirection based on these rules.

A secondary add in part is also included that is an acceptance button. This could be added to a Policy Agreement, or Terms and Conditions page. Once the user clicks they will be removed from the redirection rule(optional), and returned to a designated page.

This add in is very versatile, and has many options and uses. It would be very useful for organizations who want to ensure users read and accept company policies, new starter redirection, or to redirect certain teams to certain sites.