Analytic Solver

by Frontline Systems Inc.

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Analyze risk, find the best way to allocate resources using Monte Carlo Simulation and Optimization

With the Analytic Solver® add-in, created by Frontline Systems, developers of Solver in Microsoft Excel, you can create and solve Monte Carlo simulation and optimization models in your Excel workbook. This add-in can be used alone, but it’s designed to work with Frontline’s Analytic Solver Data Mining add-in, offering powerful forecasting, data mining and machine learning, and text mining methods. One paid license enables you to use all features of both add-ins – so be sure to get them both! You can use them in Excel for Windows, Excel for Macintosh, and Excel Online through a browser.

Solver models that you may already have, created with the Solver in desktop Excel or our free Solver add-in for Excel Online, are automatically recognized by this add-in. Simulation models created with our free Risk Solver add-in for Excel Online, or Frontline’s previous risk analysis products for desktop Excel, are also recognized automatically, and may be run “as is”. Please note that Analytic Solver is our “full-power version” designed for large-scale industrial problems – you’ll need either a free trial license or a paid license from Frontline Systems in order to use it. With the right license, you can handle up to millions of decisions at once, using your choice of the world’s best Solvers for optimization.

You can use Analytic Solver to find better ways to allocate scarce resources, maximize profits or minimize costs or variability, in situations with or without uncertainty and risk, in a wide range of applications in finance and investment, marketing, manufacturing and production, distribution and logistics, purchasing, and human resources, as well as science and engineering. More than 70 example models are included with the add-in, giving you a starting point for many types of problems.

When your company wants to use your successful model outside Excel, Analytic Solver makes it easy: With a few mouse clicks, deploy your model to the Azure cloud as a RESTful decision service with RASON® (see Use your model in Tableau and Power BI dashboards, in Power Apps, Power Automate and Dynamics 365, or in your own web or mobile apps that consume JSON or OData results. Or create a desktop or server app that runs your model with Solver SDK®. Everything you need to get started is included with Analytic Solver.

You’ll have access to a wide range of support aids, including built-in Wizards and Guided Mode, a Help Center, Quickstart Guide, over 1,000 pages in the User Guide and Reference Guide, a range of video tutorials, built-in support Live Chat, and even paid online courses through Solver.Academy. Plan to take some time to master this powerful add-in, which builds on over 25 years of successful use of Frontline Solver products by hundreds of thousands of business analysts, in over 9,000 organizations across the world. Learn more at

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